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BondLove is a private, personal way to connect with your partner. Unlike dating apps and social media platforms, there are no distractions. This app only exists for you! Plus, it’s specially designed to help couples put the focus back where it belongs – on each other.

Built for Love

App Features


Chat, snap photos, and say what’s on your heart


Photo mark special moments and share more memories


Share likes, dislikes, and sizes for guess-free gifting


Get inspired with Love Tips and track intimacy goals

Better Together

Our Story
Hi – I’m Delmonik Contee, the creator of BondLove. I’ve been happily married for 21 years, and I know that our continuing joy doesn’t happen by accident. We work hard to make time for each other, surprise each other, and show love to each other. You deserve the same! Whether you’re sharing a home or dating long-distance, BondLove brings your hearts closer together.

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